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Effect Of Temperature On Stone Crusher

Effect Of Temperature On Stone Crusher

Effect of temperature change on the stone crusher

The weather will be getting warmer and warmer, the temperature will rise, and spring will return to the earth. The change in temperature will not only affect people's lives, but also have a great impact on the production and use of stone crushers.

The effect of high temperature on the stone crusher

In a high temperature environment, the temperature of the stone crusher itself will rise, and it is easy to produce unpredictable abnormal conditions, such as sudden shutdown, sudden break of the spindle, and the like;

Because of the principle of thermal expansion and contraction, high temperature will cause the components of the stone crusher to expand, resulting in more friction and deviation at the occlusion of each component, which will not only affect the production schedule, but also increase the temperature;

The high temperature environment will increase the oil temperature of the stone crusher lubricating oil, the oiliness and viscosity will decrease, the local oil film will be destroyed, the lubrication effect between the parts and the bearing capacity will be reduced, and even worse, the lubricating oil will be carbonized and burnt.

Reduce the impact of high temperature environments

Although the high temperature environment is inevitable, we can still reduce the effects of high temperatures through some artificial efforts:

First of all, for the stone crusher installed outdoors, we can build a sunscreen or shade network to block the sun and prevent long-term exposure. Because long-term exposure will lead to aging of the equipment, affecting the quality of work and efficiency of the crushing equipment.

Secondly, for the stone crusher installed indoors, it is necessary to pay attention to maintain good ventilation in the room, and at the same time pay attention to adjust the indoor temperature, as well as the gout and permeability of the surrounding environment. It is best to ensure that the working environment temperature does not exceed 40 degrees, to maintain a good working environment for the stone crusher.

Third, for the core components and wear parts of the stone crusher, the operator should always check the values ??on the various thermometers during the work, and immediately stop the inspection when the problem is found, and find that the fault is immediately eliminated. For reasons that cannot be found for a while, the stone crusher must not be treated without treatment.

In the work of the stone crusher, we must not only care about the ambient temperature, but also pay more attention to the daily maintenance of the equipment to ensure the normal and efficient operation of the equipment.