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Basalt Processing Equipment Process

Basalt Processing Equipment Process

Basalt introduction

Basalt is a kind of basic volcanic rock ore with a wide range of colors, such as black, dark gray, dark brown, etc. It has good pressure resistance, wear resistance, wear resistance, toughness and other high-quality features, and has a high industrial Use value and economic value, such as can be used to make concrete, cast stone, etc.

Basalt usually needs to be processed by crushing, sieving and other processes before it can exert its high application value. What are the basalt processing equipment? How is the basalt processing process designed? The following is a brief explanation for everyone.

Jaw Crusher

Due to the different sizes and structures of basalt ore, it is necessary to adopt a very flexible crushing equipment to achieve better crushing effect, and the jaw crusher is a better choice for basalt coarse crushing. First of all, the jaw crusher is relatively small in size and only one-third the weight of an ordinary crusher. It is more flexible in terms of movement and transportation, and is easier to install, operate and maintain. Secondly, it is suitable for any hardness, humidity, The size of the basalt is broken and adaptable. The broken basalt not only has uniform grain size, but also has a perfect shape. It can save a lot of time and cost for the subsequent processing of basalt. Later, the jaw crusher is more expensive than other crushers. More affordable, economical, and low total operating costs.

Impact Crusher

The impact crusher is usually used for the medium and fine crushing of basalt. It mainly relies on the impact and impact of the counterattack to achieve the purpose of crushing the basalt. During the crushing process, the parts are not prone to wear and corrosion, and the replacement period of each component is long. The life span is longer than that of the ordinary impact crusher for more than 8 years. It is a basalt crushing equipment with a long life span on the market. In addition, the technical parameters of the equipment are relatively scientific and reasonable, and the basalt is more targeted and the crushing efficiency is improved. More than 50%, the energy consumption is lower, and the total cost is also extremely low.

Basalt processing equipment Process

Firstly, the basalt ore is sent to the jaw crusher for coarse crushing process under the driving of the vibrating feeder. The coarsely crushed basalt is crushed into the impact crusher by the belt conveyor and then processed by the crusher. It is sent to the circular vibrating screen for screening and grading for a period of time. The material with the required particle size is sent to the finished product pile. The basalt particles that do not meet the requirements are returned to the impact crusher for re-crushing, so that the cycle is repeated until All basalt materials meet the requirements.