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construction waste crusher

Construction waste crusher construction waste, mainly including building slag, waste brick, waste tile, scattered mortar and concrete, in addition to a small amount of steel, wood, glass, plastic, a variety of packaging materials. At present, the general processing method is to transport it to a designated location for centralized landfill. Many people are aware of the hidden dangers of landfill pollution, but few people really see the value of garbage disposal space. Building materials such as bricks or concrete can be used to deal with construction waste to replace the dwindling ore resources and greatly reduce the mining of the increasingly depleted mines. At present, all kinds of equipment are traditional mining machinery and equipment, such as jaw crusher, counterattack crusher and so on, the complexity of building waste components, the construction of waste disposal equipment requirements specialization. For example, the construction waste contains steel bars, is the traditional crusher can not be broken, in the production will often appear such as steel winding crusher rotor, broken cavity blockage serious, low production efficiency and so on, to really apply to the construction of waste, but also need to be used for the construction of the building waste with steel shear device Special crusher.

Building Waste Crusher Features: fixed-type construction waste crusher can be in accordance with the domestic market, flexible combination, strong adaptability. A variety of crushing stations have a variety of configurations, users can also be based on their own needs, optional configuration, according to different crushing process requirements of the composition of "first broken screen," can also be composed of "first sieve after crushing" process, crushing and screening can also be used alone. The construction waste crusher can be combined into coarse and finely crushing sieving system according to actual requirement, also can be combined into coarse, medium and fine three-stage crushing sieving system, also can run independently, have great flexibility.

Our company in the construction of waste crusher production practice, on the basis of a number of improved design, the introduction of a special construction waste mobile crushing station for the use of improved models, and successfully used in the tire-type mobile crushing station and crawler-type mobile crushing station, the performance is extremely advanced, with the steel bar excision device will cut the steel bar, the main engine will not plug, the recycled aggregate particle type is good, and the feed mouth is big, can change three grade broken into a single segment broken, the same gear model of cost-effective higher. Building waste crusher as the main engine of the tire-type mobile crushing station with strong adaptability, easy maintenance, reliable performance, flexible configuration, single segment fine, high efficiency and energy saving, feed size is big, crushing ratio is big, the material is thin, granule is formed well, the advantages of dual-purpose oil and electric technology are simple At present, the series of construction waste mobile crushing station has been widely used in several large-scale building waste elimination sites, such as building rubbish crushing yard.

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